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Interventional Pain Management Specialists in Spring, TX


The office of Thomas Synek, MD, offers a wide variety of interventional pain treatments at the office in Spring, Texas. Dr. Synek and his staff take a comprehensive, compassionate approach in managing their patients’ pain.

They use advanced nonsurgical treatments and alternative therapies to relieve pain and restore a person’s quality of life.

About Dr. Synek

Dr Synek was born in Austin and raised in San Antonio. Dr. Synek graduated Medical School from the University of Texas Houston and did his Residency at UT Southwestern Dallas in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He enjoys spending time with his family, the outdoors, dogs, and YouTube.

His general approach to pain is to exactly diagnose the cause of pain first. Once the problem is clarified he wants the patient to get the best treatment, even if it means referral to another specialist. Usually Dr Synek’s treatment plan includes an ultrasound or X-ray guided injection. Dr Synek also believes in treating the entire patient, general labs for example. Often he catches prediabetes or something else, that can positively impact the pain if treated. If someone has a painful knee and also is not eating and exercising correctly, this is not good for the pain. Stress makes pain worse. Dr Synek believes general good health is paramount, and he guides his patients in that direction. Unfortunately, many painful conditions require more than diet and exercise, this is where his skills with injections are extremely useful. He is against injecting people with too many steroids, and offers other injections, such as platelet rich plasma (from your own blood), hyaluronic acid, and regenerative injections.

He also does electro diagnostic testing (EMG), a staple of the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. This is used to diagnose, carpal tunnel, pinched nerves in the spine, and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Dr Synek wants you to know he enjoys treating pain. Also he wants you to know he believes in God, and uses this belief to guide him in treating patients like he would his own family.

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Treatment Options

In addition to non-narcotic medications, Dr. Synek offers a variety of pain solutions, including ultrasound-guided steroid injections, regenerative medicine therapies, spinal cord stimulation, and intrathecal pain pumps.

He provides referrals for physical therapy and aquatic therapy to restore function in the joints and muscles and also values the benefits of meditation, biofeedback, and other relaxation strategies to help people cope with chronic pain conditions.

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Interventional Pain Management Specialists in Spring, TX


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Omg! My experience ever since I’ve met Doctor Synek and his wonderful staff I’ve felt the love of family. Everyone there is so caring and I’ve gotten immediate response and a brilliant outcome to my treatments. A place where my happiness resides. I am thankful everyday for them.

Tracy O.

I've only had one visit but so far it's been really great. Super friendly staff, and extremely knowledgeable doctor, Dr Synek. They made me feel very welcome and comfortable and I felt that my needs were met. I highly recommend a visit. - update.... I've had several visits now and I can honestly say Dr Synek is the best! He is sincerely nice and genuinely interested in your wellbeing. My pain has improved since my visits and my faith in doctors restored!

Madeleine L.

Great doctors are not the norm. It is even more rare to find one thats values improving your quality of life over finding as many ways to make money off of you. Dr. Synek and PA Teresa's knowledge and determination to help is impressive. I would recommend them to anyone needing assistance with pain issues.

Shawn M.

Mr. Synek and his staff are always so nice. Mr. Synek was the first doctor to truly give me pain relief in my knee after many surgery due to a bad infection on a knee replacement. Mr. Synek was able to help me out on my case of tennis elbow on my latest visit. It had been killing me for almost two months. It is much better now thank to him.

Dean L.

Always a pleasure. Teresa is very informative and friendly. Everyone makes me feel at ease. Dr Synek listens and gives great advice as well


Debbie at the front desk was extremely nice and helpful, all the staff was very friendly. Really liked Dr Synek, he seemed to genuinely concerned about finding the root to my problem.

Linda W.

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